cold rooms and freezer rooms

FRIGOQUIP offers high-quality cold rooms and freezer rooms out of prefabricated components.

The cold rooms are designed in a modular system to build anywhere quickly and easily.

The standard elements can be assembled to any size - to suit your personal needs, on request.
The FRIGOCELL cold room adapt to your personal circumstances. They can be enlarged or reduced at any time.

In the design the strict hygiene regulations were given a special attention.

The hygienic surface layer is highly protected against corrosion and easy to clean.

The surfaces are standard in galvanized sheet metal, painted white RAL 9010.

An economic insulation is achieved through variable insulation thicknesses:

cold room
thickness 80 mm K-value: 0,31W/m2K
thickness 100 mm K-value: 0,25 W/m2K

freezer rooms
thickness 120 mm K-value: 0,21 W/m2K

shock rooms
thickness 160 mm K-value: 0,16 W/m2K

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Would you like to seal your door very comfortable ?

Our FRIGOVENT air curtains seal the door opening without hindering the passing traffic.
They create an unique air barrier to prevent the harmful air exchange.
So they save comfortably energy costs.